I am suddened by the way elections are ‘taken’ by most of african countries.What do i mean? The elections in most african countries can just be defined as a Football premier league.
I am suddened by the primitive behaviour of most african people (mostly the aged)…E.g,the people in my country dont elect or support people from outside tribe.If you dont come from my tribe,you are my enemy when it comes to politics.
I am saddened by the fact that my own grandmom believes in ‘electing the candidate from my tribe’ and not ‘electing the best from all contestants’….believe you me,in my country,you only know your next president when registration of voters is through.This method is called TYRANNY OF NUMBERS.
Lastly,i am saddened by the fact that we are independent yet i see western countries trying to meddle with our democratic rights..I personally love China.why? Because china is far more powerful than ‘those’ countries yet they dont meddle in anyone’s business.Kudos China.
Anyway i love my country very much.